Christopher Anderson-Bazzoli
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Performers' note: Gentrify requires amplification through a high quality stereo PA system. Additionally, the quartet must feed its initial sound through a digital or analogue delay device producing a sound of equal quality and volume through the PA at the delay rate setting designated in the score.

Composer's program note: Gentrify was composed in 2005 for the Los Angeles-based Section String Quartet, a unique crossover group who perform arrangements of songs by cutting-edge rock acts such as Radiohead and Tool. In style and conception Gentrify was composed to fit into, and expand, this format. The work takes advantage of the quartet's penchant for amplification by processing the sound via a digital delay, requiring the group to, literally, play along with itself in a strict canon. The form, texture, and timbres of Gentrify are the result of a meditation on urban construction and destruction, specifically the kind involved in gentrification.

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